Industrial Cleaning

cleaning tum.jpg

When you have completed your small or large scale build and are preparing for handover, you want to ensure the property you have built with pride is handed over looking pristine, spick and span.

The quality of the clean will directly reflect the quality of the build and you definitely want to make sure your reputation remains strong right from the beginning. With over 15 years experience in all types of construction site clean ups and vacant cleans, Cleaning Edge Solutions can take your post build mess and turn it into a marvel!

This is a job you can’t afford to leave in the hands of a novice. We understand the importance of presentation and that there are deadlines that need to be meet. We will reliably clean your construction/build on time and better than anyone else.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Once the construction is done, the most important part to making it liveable is to clean up the mess. Post construction clean ups, renovation cleaning and builders cleans require specialised and thorough techniques to get the new builds ready. At Cleaning Edge Solutions we have a dedicated post-construction cleaning crew ready to go. That means you not only have specialists in post construction cleaning but can also get the job done fast!


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