Commercial Cleaning In Melbourne & Perth

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Cleaning Edge Solutions is an Australian owned and operated company which specialises in providing highly reliable commercial cleaning services for Melbourne or Perth area. Our expert services are available for a variety of facilities in Australia with our loyal staff dedicated for providing efficient cleaning services. With long term experience in the field of commercial cleaning services we are now leading the way in providing high quality cleaning services. We are proud to be a part of a team which has been instrumental in making the earth a cleaner place to live in and as a team we wish to continue providing cleaning services which are of prime importance to human survival and development.

You may require our cleaning services for removing tough dirt and stains to have a fully hygienic and functional living space. Cleaning brings right order to any space making a property visually appealing and clean places attract positive attention. Our expert cleaning services naturally increase the value of a property to a good extent. Any place which is neat and smells good is ideal for working or living and is a wonderful place to do a favourite activity with mental satisfaction and peace. Clean interiors are very inviting and increase employee engagement improving workplace performance and productivity.


Industrial Cleaning

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When you have completed your small or large scale build and are preparing for handover, you want to ensure the property you have built with pride is handed over looking pristine, spick and span.

The quality of the clean will directly reflect the quality of the build and you definitely want to make sure your reputation remains strong right from the beginning. With over 15 years experience in all types of construction site clean ups and vacant cleans, Cleaning Edge Solutions can take your post build mess and turn it into a marvel!

This is a job you can’t afford to leave in the hands of a novice. We understand the importance of presentation and that there are deadlines that need to be meet. We will reliably clean your construction/build on time and better than anyone else.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Once the construction is done, the most important part to making it liveable is to clean up the mess. Post construction clean ups, renovation cleaning and builders cleans require specialised and thorough techniques to get the new builds ready. At Cleaning Edge Solutions we have a dedicated post-construction cleaning crew ready to go. That means you not only have specialists in post construction cleaning but can also get the job done fast!

Child and Aged Care Center Cleaning

Hygiene is our top priority for Child Care and Aged Care Facilities because if bacteria and infection get in they can spread like wildfire.

Cleaning Edge Solutions will ensure your facility is clean, sanitised and hygenic to protect those in your care (not to mention the staff as well!).

Our cleaning experts have vast experience in cleaning these environments and understand the importance of the risks involved in not maintaining high standards of hygiene. All our staff are certified in Cleaning & Disinfection Processes and Infection Control and Prevention and follow strict operating procedures to clean and sanitise every type of surface. We conduct annual police checks for all our staff and ensure all have an up-to-date Working With Children Check.

Some of our tested cleaning methods include:

    • Colour coded mopping and cloth systems to prevent cross-contamination
    • Using hospital grade, anti-bacterial , non-allergenic chemicals that kill 99.9% of bacteria
    • Strictly following NHMRC guideliness

Warehouse and Factory Cleaning – Cleaning Edge Solutions

Cleaning Edge Solutions has a special team with over 3 5 years of experience in all types of industrial, warehouse and factory cleaning.

Our numerous clients consist of large and small businesses, giving us much experience in resolving sometimes complicated, unique and extensive cleaning problems.
​We provide a wide range of industrial cleaning services, including:
  • General and customized factory cleaning
  • Machinery cleaning
  • Tank cleaning
  • Confined space cleaning
  • Exterior building cleaning & roof decks
  • Industrial floor cleaning
  • Hard surface cleaning
  • Carpark cleaning and sweeping
  • High pressure water cleaning
  • And much more!
  Our industrial cleaning services aren’t just exclusive to warehouses and factories though. We have experience cleaning engineering/production/manufacturing plants, refineries, government & MOD sites, just to name a few of the various places we operate in.
In the industrial sector, our highly trained cleaning team will help you meet and surpass the various strict regulatory standards and audits.
  It is imperative when cleaning that the correct product and equipment is used. The wrong products and equipment can cause severe damage to the surface material as well as users. Our professional range of cleaning products and state-of-the-art equipment are designed for the industrial market and are both user and environmentally friendly.
  Unlike many industrial cleaning companies, our operations team will liaise with your engineers, leaders, management as well as health & safety and environmental management in order to provide a full detailed risk assessment, SWMS, pre-ops forms, scope of work and arrange for any permits in line with local/state regulations and your companies policies and requirements. This allows us to build a deep understanding of your needs and helps us deliver the best possible solutions to meet and exceed your expectations. ​